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Joining/Character Rules

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Joining/Character Rules Empty Joining/Character Rules

Post by Quin on Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:57 pm

Basic Site Rules

To start off, You may join on any thread, whether on WolfQuest, Our in-forum thread for /maybe/ our FeralHeart Thread, If I get around to making one. PLEASE, Send a joining form. The code for your joining form should be located at the bottom of both/all threads. Here are some guidelines to it.

Name - Names are fairly simple. Just put the name of the character you are roleplaying. When you register be sure to use the name of your character, and not Your WolfQuest-FeralHeart user. For example, When you register your name should be something like Max and not MaxTheWolf22002.
Age - No, We do not want your real-life age. Simply just the age of your character. Please don't say 20,302 Or something like that, as real wolves in the wild live up to 7-9 years, and if you have a healthy food source some wolves can survive up to 11 Years.
Gender - Just the Gender of your character, Not your rl gender.
Rank - What Rank does your charrie serve within the pack?
Pack - What pack are you in? Hykith is brave and violent, Maere is smart and cunning. You can only be in one pack per char.
Personality - How does your wolf act? Your personality can range from crazy to peacemaker. Just go wild.
Appearance - The description of your wolf. You may have your wolf be almost any color that looks NATURAL, even if you won't see a normal wolf looking like that. Shades of Brown/Gold, Tan, Black And white, Grey, Black, White, etc are allowed. Please no vibrant green wolves with purple markings. Just keep it cool and pretty. That is how NN do.
Past - Brief, And this is optional. The history of how your wolf came here.
Secret Word: sprinkles of the totty

As for biographies, they all look Similar to the form however they include more things. Also, they're longer. Biography template shall be on another topic.

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