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Roleplay Rules and Informs Lolish10


Roleplay Rules and Informs

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Roleplay Rules and Informs Empty Roleplay Rules and Informs

Post by Quin on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:57 pm


Here are some rules discussing in-roleplay rules.

1. Powerplaying
. Powerplaying and godmodding is not tolerated anywhere on this forum, especially in battle. When you roleplay in battle, be sure to say 'attempted' when you try and attack or dodge. It is your opponent's choice whether you miss the attack or not, along with you deciding their attacks or dodges. An easier way than dices. Dices can be a bit confusing for some members. When you battle, fight either one vs one, two vs one, or three vs one. One vs one is most preferred. Once you're in battle, other members are not allowed to intervene. In battle you must have at least a hit every other post.

2. Killing Off.
You are only allowed to kill your opponent off if you have the opponent's consent. Meaning, You have to ask if you can kill him/her. You can also ask another opponent if he/she can kill you off. In order to do this you would have to read the requirements in 'Second Accounts and Killing Off' in Rules and Guidelines.

3. Mates, Pups, etc.  

You MUST ask him/her if you may be his/her mate.
If you wish to get a mate it is preferred that you know the lucky wolf first. If you only read his or her bio and then randomly pop the question, there's more of a chance the other roleplayer will say no. You must interact with that special wolf in roleplay, and if the two share a bit of connection, build it up. I'm not saying flirt for literally a month and then finally become mates when the rp dies. Just have at least ten posts together.

If you wish to adopt a pup, ask him/her. Don't adopt a pup if you're not gonna care for it. You do not need a mate to adopt a pup, and once you have a pup you must keep it at your side at all times except in battle. All pups need to stay home with Sitters. If you are a pup and you have grown up to at least a year and a half you may join Hykith battle if you wish to. Maere pups must be at least two years. Here is an aging guide for puppehs. Razberry/Maverick of Riadven Pack created this Pup guide. All credit goes to him. All pups of the same litter or same age need to age at the same time. Say one sibling wishes to age, he or she must ask it's siblings and parents. Also the alpha.

Birth-week 1: Born approximately one pound, blind, deaf, darkly furred, small ears, rounded heads, and little if any sense of smell. They are limited to a slow crawl and to suckling and licking.

2 weeks: Eyes open and are blue, but vision is poor. They can start eating small pieces of meat regurgitated by adults. Pups begin to stand, walk, and learn to speak.

3 weeks: Begin appearing outside the den and romping and playing near the entrance; ears begin to become erect and hearing begins to get better.

4 weeks: Begins to venture out of the den with mother and learns to socialize with the other members of the pack for short periods of time.

5 weeks:Grows adult hair around nose and eyes; begins to learn to howl and are gaining strength; mother may go off for hours on end to hunt; dominance and play fighting begin.

6 weeks: Gradual process of weaning begins. Puppy will begin to recognize his/her name and will interact with the pack members more.

7 weeks: Can follow adults up to one mile from den and begin to go out on adventures.

8 weeks: Puppies will need to be watched closely for their natural instinct to sneak off and explore his/her new environment will kick in.

9 weeks: Adult teeth begin to come in and will be able to eat solid foods, but still drinks milk from time to time.

10 weeks: Weaning complete, pups can feed on food provided by adults; adult hair becomes apparent on body.

11 weeks: Eyes gradually change from blue to whatever color their eyes will be as an adult.

12 weeks: Begin to accompany adults and learn how to take their part in the pack!

4. You may not constantly crash your Rival's territory. You may spy on the rival pack, start some drama, etc. Just don't do it frequently. And don't randomly walk in when we're having important meetings, such as funerals and weddings, or even soldier recruitment.

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