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Maere Rules & Guidelines Lolish10


Maere Rules & Guidelines

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Maere Rules & Guidelines Empty Maere Rules & Guidelines

Post by Will on Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:38 am

1. Keep things semi-realistic. By semi-realistic, I mean no extreme colors or growths. (i.e. a pink wolf with purple eyes and white wings would not be accepted.) However, because the rule says 'semi-realistic', some eye colors are allowed that are either extremely rare or nonexistant in living wolves (the colors green and blue are allowed.)

2. This forum is PG-13. No extremely gory scenes/sexual scenes should be roleplayed, and obscene pictures (i.e. offensive symbols, gore, and nudity) are not allowed.

3. You may use lineart for your character's reference, as well as manipulated pictures. However, be sure that you give credit to the lineart artist/make sure the picture is free to use and change.

4. Use complete sentences. Keep chatspeak out of the forums, and only minimal amounts of chatspeak are allowed on the chatbox. (i.e. brb, webs, afk)

5. Roleplay posts have a minimum of five sentences. Meaning anything shorter than five sentences will be considered SPAM and you will be asked to add the necessary sentences.

6. No godmodding. If someone is breaking the rules, do not correct them. Instead, report the incident to an admin or moderator, and we will deal with it.

7. Be respectful. Don't be a jerk. If you have an issue with someone, don't call them out on it. Sort things out in a mature, collected manner.

8. Human encounters and other considerably large RP events will not happen unless one of the Alphas announces it. If you try to start a roleplay event without our knowledge, your posts will be ignored and roleplay will continue along like nothing happened.

9. Fill out a joining form and wait for an Alpha to accept it before beginning to roleplay. Don't make an account and start roleplaying, otherwise your posts will be deleted and you will be referred back to this topic.

10. Once accepted, register with your character's name. If the forum says your username is taken, add a dash or one to it and we will change it for you.

11. Start roleplay at the Maere den. Once your character acquaints themselves with an alpha, you are free to roleplay wherever you want (within reason).

12. Stay true to the character you sign up with. Don't make any drastic changes to their personality and/or appearance without consulting us first. If you're unhappy with your character, you can request a change and get rid of them.

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